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'Star Developer Award Winners' from Your Talent@Work with Shawn Kent Hayashi

Star Developer Award Winners

Posted: Oct 3, 2012

Five executives received the Star Developer awards in recognition of their work to develop future leaders. The awards were presented on October 3, by The Professional Development Group, an executive coaching firm.

“The Star Developer awards recognize individuals who help others grow, learn, and become leaders,” said Shawn Kent Hayashi, founder of The Professional Development Group and an executive coach and author. “By being an outstanding mentor, manager, leader, or guide to others, we develop our future leaders as star performers.”

The 2012 Star Developer award winners are:  Jim DiCesare, vice president of contract and regulatory services, CFS Clinical; Melissa Dietrich, director of business development, Fernley & Fernley; Leslie Finnegan, director of radiology, Roxborough Memorial Hospital; Manny Garcia, director of hospital training, Merck; and Martie Garcia, vice president of people development, Pearson.

“Each of the award recipients has demonstrated a commitment to creating a positive future,” Hayashi said.  “By recognizing role models for developing others, The Professional Development Group intends to showcase what it takes for leaders to create high performing teams and a culture of collaboration.”

The selection committee members were:  Linda Bishop, senior vice president at Milestone Bank; Mary E. Glenn, associate publisher at Business Group at McGraw-Hill Professional; Matt Levy, senior global HR lead - talent management at Johnson & Johnson; Maureen McQueen, vice president at MetLife; Andrew Ward, Ph.D., dean of the MBA Program at Lehigh University; and Hayashi.

The awards were presented on Wednesday, October 3, 2012, from 5:30-8:30 p.m. at the Saucon Valley Country Club in Bethlehem, PA.

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Kelly Morello, VP Human Resources & Administration, CFS Clinical presents 2012 Star Developer Award to Jim DiCesare, VP & General Manager, CFS Clinical.


Darlene Feldick, Senior VP Human Resources, Pearson Education presents a 2012 Star Developer Award to Martie Garcia, VP People Development, Pearson Education.


Peter Adamo, CEO, Roxborough Memorial Hospital presents a 2012 Star Developer Award to Leslie Finnegan, Director of Radiology at Roxborough Memorial Hospital.


Lindsey Anderson, Sr. Specialist, Learning & Development, Merck & Co., Inc. presents a 2012 Star Developer Award to Evelio Manny Garcia, Associate Director, Global Communication Learning, Merck & Co., Inc.


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