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'Want Your Team to Achieve Better Results?' from Your Talent@Work with Shawn Kent Hayashi

Want Your Team to Achieve Better Results?

Posted: Jul 22, 2015

It's summer time, so I'm thinking about retreats. We all need time to step off, step back and take a deep breath. We need time to reflect on where we are both personally and professionally, time to dream and time to plan.

Teams also have the same needs, which is why The Professional Development Group offers high-performing team and board retreats.

We help teams identify the gap between where they are now and where they want to be, and then we track their progress over 4 quarters.

Last year we worked with a client that identified 8 areas where the leadership team needed to grow. Using quarterly surveys, we captured the team's progress toward achieving their desired outcomes. Here's a snapshot of one of those areas over an entire year. Notice that in the first quarter 50% of the respondents did not think there was effective leadership. By the 4th quarter, there's complete consensus that the leadership has changed for the better.

It's amazing what people can achieve when they have time to create clarity about where they're headed.

Merging or building new teams? We can help members get to know each other quickly so they can collaborate more effectively right out of the gate.

Stepping into a new executive role? A high performing team retreat will accelerate the "get-acquainted" process and provide the people insights you need to lead with confidence.

Leading a team of veterans? Re-energize and refocus everyone around new vision and expand the possibilities for star performance.

Now is a good time to lay the groundwork for future success, which is why I'm planning a retreat for my own team this August. Would you like to do the same?

If the answer is yes, then call me at 888-959-1188 x88 and we'll start a conversation about how you can intentionally create the kind of culture that will help your business grow.


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