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'We're Growing!' from Your Talent@Work with Shawn Kent Hayashi

We're Growing!

Posted: May 13, 2015

I am thrilled to welcome a new consultant to The Professional Development Group!

Melanie Sanchez-Jones has expertise in helping teams and leaders all over the globe achieve better results.  With international experience in both Europe and Asia, as well as experience in a variety of management and cross functional positions, Melanie knows how to tune into cultural norms and create high performing teams. (Please see her article below.)

Because of her experience in a variety of functional disciplines, Melanie understands the challenges of interdepartmental tension and excels at breaking through organizational silos. Over the last five years, she has facilitated leadership transitions, change management, and work process improvement. As a consultant, she works with existing teams to refocus priorities based on values and business strategy, to analyze relevant business information and create action plans, and to coach team leaders on communication and leadership development.

It's so exciting for me to welcome Melanie to The Professional Development Group because we're growing our team to better serve yours. We all look forward to helping you find solutions for all your professional development needs.

All the best,



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