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'Shawn Kent Hayashi Quoted in Fast Company' from Your Talent@Work with Shawn Kent Hayashi

Shawn Kent Hayashi Quoted in Fast Company

Posted: Jul 18, 2014

Shawn Kent Hayashi quoted in Fast Company article “How to Say What You Really Mean In Conversations.”

Different people have different motivational hot points, says leadership consultant Shawn Kent Hayashi, founder of The Professional Development Group, LLC, a Center Valley, Pennsylvania, consultancy. Hayashi says some people are motivated by factors like money, achievement, altruism, and others. Once you zero in on your counterparts’ motivation points, you can focus in on those points.

“If you’re speaking to someone who is motivated by altruism, the more you can clue in to how this assignment or this company solves problems, and the more I can help this person see that the fingerprints they’re putting on the projects are helping people, the more effective our conversation is going to be,” she says.

State your expectations and ask for feedback. Set the ground rules at the start of your conversation by stating that you want to get to solutions, Hayashi says. Letting others know that they should feel free to communicate honestly, too, opens the pathways to more effective communication.

Read the whole article here.


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