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'Must Read'

“Want to maximize your employee's performance? Want to create high engagement? Must read Shawn's latest book!"

Dr. Debra Gmelin
Corporate Director, Humana

'Energy, enthusiasm, passion'

“Shawn Kent Hayashi asks a profound question—‘are you inspiring?’  Then through practical, real life examples, she demonstrates how leaders can develop from being motivational to inspirational through the power of conversations. Shawn’s energy, enthusiasm, and passion for developing star talent come through in a practical and impactful guide for leaders at all levels.”

Meghan Seybold
executive leadership development, American Express

'Artfully leads you'

“Every organization has star performers; however, not every organization is successful in developing them. Shawn’s book provides a toolkit and guide for managers to maximize their talent. She artfully leads you through how to engage in effective conversations with your employees to provide them with valuable feedback and development plans to leverage their strengths and obtain peak performance. This is a must read for anyone who wants to cultivate their star performers!”

Kelly A. Morello, SPHR
senior director, human resources Clinical Financial Services, LLC

Conversations for Creating Star Performers

Are you ready to develop star performers?

Conversations for Creating Star Performers bookA conversation can be powerful and inspiring or flat and dull.  Are your conversations creating engagement and momentum? Do you know how to craft conversations that develop and grow people and teams? Being engaging, inspiring, able to see around corners, able to read what motivates others will make you a more effective developer of star performers.

Successful managers, leaders, and coaches develop star performers. Do you know how to focus team members on the correct things that produce the desired results? Inspiring people to reach for their best every day is possible when we offer constructive feedback, use meetings to set realistic, concrete goals, and lead the right conversations about work performance.

In her new Best Seller, CONVERSATIONS FOR CREATING STAR PERFORMERS: Go Beyond The Performance Review To Inspire Excellence Every Day, executive coach, Shawn Kent Hayashi, offers a roadmap showing how to leverage conversations into game-changing moments.  With a clear, pragmatic voice, Hayashi guides readers to master the art of conversations that will advance employees’ talents.  Each of the conversational strategies are fully blueprinted in the book, including:

  • Building Awareness: Do you know what your strengths and blind spots really are?  This chapter shows you how to talk about what your team members do best and where they will need support.
  • Identifying Motivators: Do you know what motivates your team members?  Do they know that you know how to speak to their individual motivators?  After reading this chapter you will.
  • Identifying What Team Members Do Well: Finding ways in which employees add value to teams as well as where their developmental needs are and will likely bubble.
  • Creating Development Plans: Preferred communication styles provide a key to identifying each employee’s likely developmental needs – do you want to know how to write great development plans that are focused on each of your team members? You’ll find that here.
  • Developing New Skills: “Work on your strengths” does not mean ignoring blind spots.  Playing to one’s strengths is smart business; however, blind spots can create a derailment if left unnoticed.
  • Getting Back on Track: The value in learning how to get people unstuck and back on track is worth its weight in gold.
  • Accountability: Engage others in positive ways, build caring relationships that explore what matters to other people as it relates to creating a meaningful future, and then have ongoing check-in conversations about how the group is doing—this is the spirit of accountability conversations.
  • Performance Reviews: How to create conversations about performance, and monthly summaries that inspire and focus your team members.
  • Recognition: By pointing out what people are doing well and celebrating successes and small steps in the right direction you will create a positive emotional wake and inspire people in new ways.
  • Succession Planning: Do you know who your future leaders are and are you developing them now to be ready for those roles?

With an appendix that reveals the “24 vital skills for success” Hayashi uses in her client coaching, CONVERSATIONS FOR CREATING STAR PERFORMERS is the handbook everybody wants before and during performance review season.  The performance review is only one important part of being a manager or coach.  To develop team members effectively, there need to be on-going proactive conversations – not just about the weather or the game last night.  Shawn Kent Hayashi shows which conversations should be taking place, and how to steer those interactions toward success.


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Nominate Your Stars

Do you know someone who is already amazing at developing high performers in your organization? Would you like to acknowledge that person for his or her contribution to you and your organization? Would you consider nominating that person for the Star Developer Award?

This is an honor that will be given on October 3 each year. This date was selected to honor the birthday of someone who made a profoundly positive impact on my life, Elizabeth Jeffries, CPAE. To nominate someone for this award, please write a letter of nomination indicating how this person impacted your organization by developing high performers.

Please submit your entry by August 30, 2013.

We will be hosting a dinner in honor of the winner on October 3, 2013 at the Saucon Valley Country Club, Bethlehem, PA.

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