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Date: Nov 8, 2016

At lunch you vent to your co-worker that your boss’ recent decision will cause problems down the road for the project you’re working on. But later that afternoon, when your manager brings up that same topic, you don’t say a word. More→

Date: Oct 7, 2016

A co-worker lands the promotion you were gunning for. Your very first thought is a twinge of jealousy: “Brian’s been promoted. I wanted that role.” From there, you may start to walk down a negative path. You feel like sulking. Brian is no longer a likable, competent colleague, but clearly, a conniving brown-noser. You might as well stop working so hard, since it’s going unnoticed anyhow. Sound familiar? More→

Date: Aug 29, 2013

When you mess up, focus on the fix. Whether missing a big deadline or mass emailing a confidential memo, everyone has messed up at work. Instead of dwelling on your error, focus on the fix and how to correct your blunder with these tips from Shawn Kent Hayashi, an executive coach in Center Valley, PA. More→

Date: Jun 18, 2013

Written by Shawn Kent Hayashi, appeared in 'Under30CEO' on May 24, 2013. A “pitfall” is an unsuspected danger, a trap masquerading as a safe path. They’re easy to fall into –and even harder to dig yourself out of–which is why the best protection is a heightened sense of awareness that what seems safe may not be. More→

Date: Jun 4, 2013

Written by Shawn Kent Hayashi, appeared in Under30Careers. The article reads: Our careers are important, but how many of us are willing to invest in ourselves in the same way that we expect companies to invest in us? Instead of being proactive about their own professional development, many employees sit back and wait for HR to tap them on the shoulder for mentoring programs, leadership seminars, even feedback about performance evaluation. The truth is, there can be significant benefits in seeking these things out on your own. More→

Date: Jun 3, 2013

Written by Shawn Kent Hayashi, appeared in Service Strategies. The article reads: Business is more complex than it has ever been. Companies have to compete in a global economy, adapt to constantly shifting market trends, acquire and master new technologies that continually change how business is done. More→

Date: May 16, 2013

In business just like in sports skill alone won’t always protect you from getting cut. Team members who can’t play well with others can find themselves benched, or worse, eliminated from the roster entirely. Don’t let that happen to you. Take your collaboration skills as seriously as your other expertise, and start by following these 7 steps. More→

Date: May 15, 2013

Forbes quotes Shawn's latest book 'Conversations That Get Results and Inspire Collaboration' in an article "For Entrepreneurs, Conversations Are All Business' by Martin Zwilling. More→

Date: Aug 14, 2012

Innovative Learning designs quotes Shawn Kent Hayashi's book 'Conversations for Change: 12 Ways to Say It Right When It Matters Most' in an article "Self-regulation and our emotional wake" on August 14, 2012. I have a problem with self-regulation. This is not a true confession over my gambling, nicotine or drinking addition. I actually have none of those. What I do have is a problem wrapping my head around the concept of self-regulation. I am trying to understand it as an educator and as a parent too. As a mother of four boys, self-regulation is of interest to me. I think therein lies the challenge. I am trying to find its place in my own life as well. More→

Date: Jun 11, 2012

Shawn Kent Hayashi's article, "Mentoring An Age-Old Idea That Works Now" is highlighted in the May/June 2012 edition of Insights & Strategies. More→

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