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Apr 14, 2017

In her latest article on, Shawn Kent Hayashi shares how to create a culture of... More→



- Lindsey Anderson, Merck & Co.

Books by Shawn

Conversations That Get Results and Inspire Collaboration
Conversations for Creating Star Performers book
Conversations for Change

Keynotes, Conferences & Master of Ceremonies for Events

Master of Ceremonies & Emcee Services

Event location? Beautiful and spacious!  Corporate message? Clearly defined and meaningful.  Guest list? Includes VIPs and those who share our mission.  Emcee? Host? Master of Ceremonies? ...

In the past, has this final detail been left to the last minute or ignored altogether?  Have you experienced an event or fundraiser where the host was boring, rambled on, or seemed convinced that the sound of his voice was more interesting than the group's message?  These scenarios can be very painful and may cause guests to lose enthusiasm, interest, or even leave early!

Too often, events do not include a skilled host. Being the face of an event requires an incredible amount of confidence, personality, a great sense of timing, and a consistent pace.  A professional emcee is the glue that holds your event together and serves a variety of purposes: sets the tone, makes introductions, and maintains focus...she will truly manage your event from the stage.

Ashley Russo is an expert master of ceremonies.  For more than a decade, Ashley has served as event host for organizations like St. Luke's University Health Network, United Way of Greater Lehigh Valley, Lehigh University, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and many more.  She brings to the stage years of on-camera experience from NBC, The Weather Channel, Bloomberg, and WFMZ, and is an Emmy® award-winning executive producer.

As the master of ceremonies at events, conferences, and corporate meetings, Ashley creates a unique and engaging experience focused on your group's central message.  

We offer a variety of packages to best fit your needs and budget, and can create custom packages at your request:

Business Package (Emcee Duties Up to 2 Hours)

- Event run-through (maximum time 30 minutes)
- Script review with one round of edits
- Client event listed in our newsletter one month prior to event
- Press release for your event
- Nonprofit: your event listed on the Get Involved website
- Nonprofit: short article in the Express Times Nonprofit Spotlight


All of the above, including:

- Event run-through (maximum time 1 hour)
- Creation of one 0:60 corporate video to be shown at the event
- One hour marketing consultation
- Logo on our website and in our newsletter for 3 months post-event
- Integrated social media


All of the above, including:

- Two event run-throughs (maximum time 1 hour each or 2 hours total)
- One 2:30 or two 0:60 corporate/event videos to be shown at the event
- Two one-hour marketing consultations 
- Script review with two rounds of edits 

To discuss your upcoming event, conference, or corporate meeting, contact us at 888-959-1188 or

To learn more about Ashley Russo, click here. Download her printable one-sheet here.


Want a speaker who will motivate and inspire your employees or association members? Want a presentation that will actively engage your audience and provide actionable ideas for better collaboration and team work? Enlightening, relevant, and actionable presentations that captivate your audience is our promise.

Look to Shawn Kent Hayashi — best-selling author of 7 business communication books, including How to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence at Work & in RelationshipsConversations for Change: 12 Ways To Say It Right When It Matters MostConversations that Get Results and Inspire Collaboration, and Conversations for Creating Star Performers — to engage your team.

Shawn is a dynamic speaker with deep experience working in entrepreneurial companies, Fortune 500, MBA programs, and associations around the globe. Her keynotes, customized presentations, and workshops provide practical strategies and real world solutions that are highly relevant in business today. Shawn Kent Hayashi can provide a great opening — or unforgettable closing — customized to your conference or corporate meeting. 


Our most popular presentations are highly interactive. Recent topics include:

  • The Future of Talent at Work
  • Ready to Create Star Performers?
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • Building Emotionally Intelligent Teams
  • You Won't Be Promoted if You Can't Be Replaced
  • Building a More Collaborative Workplace
  • Creating a Winning Leadership Style
  • Building a High Performing Team
  • People Reading to Connect with Your Audience
  • Conversations That Get Results and Inspire Collaboration
  • Conversations for Creating Star Performers: Inspire Excellence Every Day
  • Conversations for Change® : 12 Ways to Say It Right When It Matters Most
  • Communication Styles@Work: Building Meaningful Relationships
  • Talent@Work® 
  • Mentors, Networks & Role Models: Owning Your Career Development  
  • Being a Steward of Your Network
TEDxLehighU: The Future of Talent at Work

This talk was given at a TEDx event. In this talk, Shawn Kent Hayashi offers a glimpse into how the future job market will be more like making a movie, and how it will be focused on matching the cultural motivators rather than playing Resume Roulette.

New Era of Talent Development

Shawn Kent Hayashi shares her vision of talent in a new era of talent development in these excerpts of her keynote presentation during TTISIcon.

Event Planning

Before Your Event

We lead results-oriented sessions that will knock the socks off your participants. We'd be happy to serve you before the event by:

  • Interviewing attendees, customers, your board, or suppliers about their goals and needs
  • Shopping the competition or your business to provide real examples
  • Customizing content and case examples to your audience
  • Surveying your audience
  • Providing assessments and customized reports for each participant on communication styles, motivators, and emotional intelligence

During Your Event

During your event we can provide:

  • The Keynote opening
  • Book signings
  • Concurrent sessions
  • Facilitation of a panel discussion
  • Facilitation of a customer discussion
  • An engaging partner's program
  • Unique learning experiences

After Your Event

Following your meeting we'd be happy to:

  • Facilitate a debrief session
  • Provide coaching by phone or Skype to participants.
  • Share best practices learned from the attendees
  • Add participants to our Talent@Work®  emails so follow up on the ideas continues

Please let us know which combination of these services would be most valuable to you.

Watch Shawn In Action

Here are a few samples of presentations by Shawn Kent Hayashi:

Mentoring Keynote
Conversations for Creating Star Performers by Shawn Kent Hayashi
Mentoring Mentors, Networks & Role Models: Owning Your Career Development
Conversations for Change®
Conversations for Connection
Communication Styles and People Reading
Answers question on Global Communication in the Workplace

Please contact us to learn more about booking Shawn Kent Hayashi for your next event.

Comments from participants:

"Thank you for inspiring me to start building my own network in a different way. Your presentation to our WIN community was full with so many "aha" moments for me that I start with changing what I do from the very first day after your wonderful presentation." Denitas Simeonova, Director, Quintiles

"Shawn is one of the foremost thinkers in the area of executive communications and effectiveness. I gain deep insights and new epiphanies every time I listen to her." Jeremey Donovan, Group VP Marketing, Gartner - and author of How to Deliver a TED Talk.

"Thank you, Shawn, for your engaging and interactive presentation for the Sales & Marketing Executives! Your information was both relevant and useful. You are a natural in front of a group -- we appreciated your professionalism and energy." Todd Cohen, Sales Strategist

"At the recent National Sales Meeting, Shawn led a Team Building Event that was the best I have participated in. Great presentation." Toni Senno, Regional Sales Leader, Photomedex

"Shawn's incredibly positive presentation provided our team with a magic carpet vision - who would have thought that a few words would empower us all to such heights? Great results - success - prosperity- Shawn can show you how it can be yours! Dare to dream it into reality - Hey Shawn - "Thats for me!" Lisa Borrell

"Thanks to Shawn, I learned so much about how to network effectively. Being equipped with the right information certainly makes it a less daunting process. Shawn proved herself to truly practice what she preached. She was accessible, friendly and gave the group plenty of useful tips. Not only did I connect with peers during the session itself, I felt comfortable reaching out and setting up a few lunch dates that will help me strengthen my personal networking map." Chante LaGon, The Home Depot

"The content Shawn delivers during her Being a Steward of Your Network presentation inspires conversation that continues after she leaves the stage, and is a testament to her ability to create a lasting legacy with her message." Marie McDonald, Senior Director, Quintiles Consulting

"After participating in Shawn's Talent@Work®  presentation, I now know how to work well with anyone no matter whether our communication styles are similar or different.  Shawn shows you how to recognize and define your own style and to cultivate the awareness to respond appropriately in the moment." Jasmine Surti, VP, TD Bank 

"Shawn's presention and expertise were well-received; the attendees left the session appreciative of the information and with eyes wide open! Excellent presentation!" Marta Griffith, CEO On Track Resources

"Shawn's presentation on Conversations for Change  was excellent! I enjoyed the content, especially the real life examples and found it very useful professionally and personally." Mary Wiedenman, Oracle

"I attended two of Shawn’s presentations, Talent@Work®  and When the Conversation Changes. These were the best I have ever participated in – the information is so valuable! The assessment tools and additional information Shawn provides about communications styles, motivators, and emotional intelligence are very powerful. Shawn provides the material in a concise, easy to understand format that enables participantsto  gain incredible insight into team dynamics and become more effective managers." Erin Mierzwa, The Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank

"I participated in Shawn's Talent@Work® presentation. Her vast and thorough knowledge of human behaviors, workplace motivators and natural talents is the best I have ever seen! She is able to quickly and easily explain complex ideas and provide real life examples to drive home key concepts. Shawn's mastery of these skills enable her to really help her clients tap into their full potential and help teams perform at their best. The implications for superior business results are undeniable." Matthew Levy, Johnson & Johnson




Client quotes

'Exceptional & Engaging!'

"Each year, United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley holds our Celebration of Caring, an event that requires 6 months of planning, at which time we recognize and thank all of our donors and organizations.  For the past few years, we have utilized the exceptional talents of Ashley Russo to host our event, as well as her team at ASR Media Productions to create our event and awards videos.  Thanks to Ashley, the event continues to exceed expectations, keeps guests engaged, and wraps up on time!"


'I Would Hire Ashley to Host Every Event'

"Creating networking and marketing opportunities for our members is a priority, so events are a cornerstone of the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce mission: we turn out more than 400 events of all shapes and sizes every year.  As COO & EVP of Member Relations for the 9th largest Chamber in the U.S., I am routinely involved with the production of many of our major shows.  Over the years, Ashley Russo's presence, charisma, and emcee skills have elevated events like the Lehigh Valley Women's Summit, Small Business Council Snowball gala, and countless luncheons and panel discussions.  Ashley is always prepared, professional and on time.  Frankly, if budgets allowed, I would hire her to host every event we do."


'Insightful & Inspiring'

"I wanted to thank you for your excellent presentation at the SHRM Leadership Conference this past Saturday.  It was insightful and inspiring, and I came away with many take-aways for myself and my team.  I especially want to thank you for making your assessment available to attendees.  I have completed mine and found the results informative.” 


'Interact with Difficult People in a Different Way'

"I recently saw Shawn present and it was wonderful! The presentation was insightful and I walked away with a better understanding of how to interact with difficult people in a different way. I highly recommend you attend one of Shawn's presentations!"


'Best Thing We Have Ever Done'

"The High Performing Team Retreat is the best thing we have ever done for our staff in my 24 years at the Association!"

—Cindy L. Wallett
VP, Member Relations & Administration, Pennsylvania Bankers Association

'Very powerful tools!

“Thank you for an outstanding professional development experience this week…Your expertise is very impressive. I learned a great amount of information to take back to my organization. The Communications Styles and Motivators assessments yield exceptional validated information that allow organizations to make better decisions in helping develop talent within the organization.”

Beth Egan, Director, Leadership and Management Development, sanofi-aventis

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Shawn's One-Sheet

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Promotional Photos

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Shawn Hayashi's Speaker Kit

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Why Hire Shawn Kent Hayashi?

  • She will engage your audience members and get them talking with each other!
  • She shares real-life stories that will connect in a meaningful way with your audience and provide actionable ideas they can use immediately.
  • Shawn is a best-selling author and business communication and emotional intelligence expert known for developing star performers as managers, leaders and coaches.
  • She works with Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurial firms and universities to improve individual, team, and executive performance.
  • Participants leave with a feeling of empowerment because they know how to use their own Communication style, Motivation and Natural Talents to Inspire excellence in others.
  • Shawn's books such as Conversations for Creating Star Performers: Go Beyond the Performance Review to Inspire Excellence Every Day and Conversations for Change: 12 Ways to Say It Right When It Matters Most, offer a great bonus give away when opening or closing your conference or corporate meeting.
  • She will customize a presentation to your objectives and theme with anecdotes about people just like YOUR AUDIENCE with humor and thought-provoking insights.
  • Shawn passionately believes that everyone wants to have the tools to communicate as a star performer.

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