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Successful leaders know that building high performing teams involves more than hiring talented people and putting them in a room together. It involves building trust, communicating effectively, and inspiring superior performance. These are the building blocks of high caliber collaboration.

How do you build trust? Connect on a personal level and tune into the emotions of others. 

How do you communicate effectively? Learn the 4 different communication styles and how they  impact team interactions.

How do you inspire superior performance? Understand each team member’s motivators and skills and put the right person in the right role.

The Talent@Work® coaching shows you how to integrate these 3 building blocks of collaboration and also guides you to become a more effective leader, team member, or customer service provider. You will gain useful insight into how to connect with hard-to-manage employees or customers. Turn slackers into star performers by learning better strategies for hiring and motivating.  Develop leadership skills that will help you and your business grow to the next level.


Raise Your Emotional Intelligence

  • Learn why and how to be “emotionally literate.”
  • Experience the Emotional Intelligence Assessment and learn what you can do to raise your EQ.
  • Understand why Emotional Intelligence is the foundation of high performance at work.

Communicate Effectively

  • Experience the communication styles assessment and learn how to identify your own communication needs and your impact on others.
  • Recognize, understand and appreciate behavioral needs/communication styles of others.
  • Learn how to read and respond to othersʼ styles in order to build healthier relationships.
  • Spot current and future stress problems and gain insight in how to avoid and/or solve them.
  • Solve team issues through behavior recognition and responses.

Inspire Superior Performance in Yourself...

  • Identify your own motivators/values, why you do what you do and how this affects your team and your potential for professional advancement. 
  • List your top natural talents and know the 6 most important leadership competencies to build.

...and Others

  • Understand WHY other people do what they do; learn the 6 hidden motivators and the drive behind each one.
  • Discover the potential strengths, weaknesses, and stressors for each values cluster.
  • Learn how to eliminate values conflicts in the workplace.
  • Learn how to create job benchmarks that enable you to put the right people in the right roles to grow your business.
  • Gain the skills to coach, develop and retain highly talented and productive teams.

Whether you want to build a high performing team or improve relationships with the customers you serve, the Talent@Work coaching will provide you with the knowledge and skills to create business relationships that lead to success. 


Option 1: Individual Participant $3,000 or For Your Team ask us about custom pricing.

Option 2: Assessment Certification and Assessment Center Set-up: $3,200 (includes all above plus, all assessments, and follow-up tools for establishing your own assessment center.) This option is for CEOs, business owners, and talent managers who want to become certified to use assessments in their organizations. We will provide the tools to prepare you for two certification exams (Communication Style and Workplace Motivators), and help you set up a customized assessment center, which includes access to 360 feedback and other assessment tools for your business.

Additional certification materials include:

  • Copies, Conversations That Get Results and Inspire Collaboration, Conversations for Developing Star Performers, and Conversations For Change: How to Say It Right of When It Matters Most, by Shawn Kent Hayashi
  • The Universal Language DISC Study Guide Text
  • Communication Styles Certification Study Guide
  • Dynamic Communications and Your Attitude is Showing seminar workbooks, facilitators handbook
  • Workplace Motivators Manual
  • Workplace Motivators Certification Study Guide

Coaching Or Seminar for Your Team

Contact Shawn Kent Hayashi.




Talent@Work® one-on-one sessions or workshops can be held at your location or at the Saucon Valley Country Club, Bethlehem, PA.

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Client quotes

'Best Seminar I've Experienced'

"Talent@Work was the best seminar that I’ve ever experienced!"

Wayne Whipple
VP, PA Bankers Association

'Exceptional Workshop'

“An exceptional workshop designed to educate for personal and professional development by building a greater “People” awareness. Applying and sharing  the concepts and takeaways in the workplace has been incredibly rewarding.”

Thea Seveland
Air Products

'How to Work Well with Anyone'

"After participating in Talent@Work, I now know how to work well with anyone, no matter whether our communication styles are similar or different. Shawn teaches you to be able to recognize and define your own style as well as others', and to cultivate the awareness to respond appropriately in the moment. I would highly recommend the program to anyone seeking to master the art of communication for creating positive change."

Jasmine Surti
VP, TD Bank

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