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"Kristy is a wonderful facilitator.  She explained the process concisely and kept the process focused, moving and on schedule.  She listens extremely well and was able to deftly manage a very talkative and outspoken group of executive leadership staff.  Kristy is a pleasure to work with, fun and engaging. I highly recommend Kristy and her work." - Michael Brody, CEO 

"Kristy makes it a fun learning experience with a great combination of personal areas of growth with a great check list for organizational 

development."-Joseph Rogers


Navigating Your Business Growth

You don’t need to make all your own mistakes in order to learn from them!  Whether you are the leader of a growing enterprise or a growing department within an enterprise, we can help you understand and navigate the challenges associated with your current stage of growth and operational complexity. There are critical challenges that need to be addressed at each of the seven stages of growth. Not addressing the issues at the right stage will stunt your growth, cause re-work or worse -  cause business failure.  The fastest way to grow successfully is by piggybacking on the experiences of others who have already spent years learning how to succeed.

Let us know if you're ready to explore these questions and assess:

  • Which of the challenges you are experiencing are “normal”, based on your current stage of growth? Which ones are unique?
  • How can you overcome these challenges and turn your company growth into sustainable growth?
  • Is your leadership style conducive to this stage of growth?
  • Do you have the right ratio of builders and protectors in your group?

About Kristy Tan Neckowicz

Kristy Tan Neckowicz, PMPKristy Tan Neckowicz is a business advisor, professional development coach and project portfolio management consultant, dedicated to helping businesses and leaders grow.  With more than 20 years of experience as an executive of an entrepreneurial company, she has extensive hands-on experience in strategic planning and execution, project and program management, product development, marketing, services, and customer relationship management.  

In Kristy’s prior position as Vice President at both Oracle Corporation and Primavera Systems, she led strategy and services teams to develop and execute transformation projects leveraging technology, process, and human capital.   Under her leadership, Primavera’s services organization achieved Service Center Practices (SCP) certification for delivering “world-class support”, for more than 5 consecutive years.

Kristy is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), and certified Professional Behavioral and Motivators Analyst (CPBA and CPMA). She is a frequent speaker at Project Management Institute’s conferences and meetings, on topics of project management, portfolio management, team collaboration, and leadership development.

Client quotes

'Strategic, Keen Forsight'

"Kristy is dynamic, strategic and has an incredible ability to read any business situation. Growth cycles are her niche as she can adeptly adjust to changing environs and demands. Kristy's keen foresight and vision allow her to see beyond a given scenario to the core elements of a business challenge. She is a gifted speaker and effective motivator who has successfully managed large teams with grace. I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again in any setting."

—Kimberly Rhodes, VP, General Counsel & Secretary at Quintiq

'Honest, Professional'

"Kristy is one of the most honest, professional and competent executives I have worked with in over 40 years in the business environment. I interacted regularly with Kristy over a 20+ year time frame to work through and resolve a wide variety of business issues that were often critical to my business. Having the confidence that the person I was dealing with and the organization she represented, would be up front on all of the issues being discussed made it a pleasure to deal with Kristy. I highly recommend Kristy's services to any organization in need of a knowledgeable and competent business strategy partner."

—Don McNatty,
Executive Vice President

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