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High Performing Team Retreats

Our High Performing Team Retreat experience is custom designed to your goals, team members, and theme. 

Whether you have a newly formed team, a merger of teams, or a team that is not performing at its highest potential, we can help you achieve these outcomes:

  • Improved communication among team members
  • Improved support for the business strategy
  • Clarity about roles and goals
  • Reduced time for decision making
  • Increased creativity and innovation
  • Increased revenue, profitability and engagement 
  • More fun for the whole team

Why do a high performing team retreat? Because it's one thing to have a group of star performers; it's another to have star performers who know how to bring out the best in each other. In just one day this executive team from ClimeCo learned how to communicate better and play to one another's strengths.

Clime Co team retreat

Here are comments from recent participants after attending the High Performing Team Meeting:

"The High Performing Team workshop was so enlightening. Our team really developed greater camaraderie through the exercises. We learned so much about our communication styles and how to maximize results through more effective communication with each other, as well as our internal and external customers. I have been able to apply these techniques to my personal and family relationships too. Thank you for a very valuable experience!" 

—Christopher Abbott, LifeLine Sciences

"The High Performing Team Retreat is the best thing we have ever done for our staff in my 24 years at the Association!" 

—Cindy Wallett, VP Member Relations & Administration, PA Bankers Association

"Shawn led a high performance team workshop for us at eBay Fashion, which was inspiring. Through a range of exercises on behaviors and motivators, Shawn helped us to (a) better-understand ourselves and (b) identify ways to better communicate and work with other -- a powerful combination for any team. 

—Linda Lu, eBay 

"I’m a fan of all types of professional development workshops and have attended them with many different facilitators over the years.  There is not a single one I would recommend more highly than the workshops that Shawn Kent Hayashi offers.  On a personal level, the understanding of my own communication style and professional motivators has propelled my career beyond my expectations, enabling me to truly play to my strengths while also listening for and appreciating the strengths of others.  Whenever a new team member joins my team, the first thing I want to know about them is how they communicate, and how I can help leverage their unique strengths on my team.  I don’t know how any manager creates an effective team without this information!  All of the information in Shawn’s books and seminars is well-supported by experience and research.  I’m so happy that I have had the chance to learn about these important topics early in my career so that I can continue using them as I grow and as I help others to grow. Whether in a large or small group, Shawn’s disarming style and laser-precise communication techniques help participants to open up and gain new self-knowledge.  Sometimes we know what we know, but we have no words for it.  I have found the things my team and I learned from Shawn to be tremendously helpful in giving language to our unique styles, the value we can add, what we need from others, and where we need help to see beyond our blind spots.  I’m immensely grateful to have access to these powerful tools."

—Jasmine Surti,VP Business Protocol, TD Bank

"As a general dentist and practice owner for the last 25 years, I decided to initiate a change in my practice. I made the decision to bring on an associate, new hygienist, and a new dental assistant. These new employees would be joining my existing team of employees who had worked together for the last 20 years.   I worried how these new employees would adapt to my existing office culture.   I then realized that I didn’t know exactly how my existing office culture was defined. Deciding to seek advice from an expert, I consulted with Shawn Hayashi.  This turned out to be a very smart thing to do. Even though I’m not a Fortune 500 company, she was able to tailor her approach to the specific needs of my dental practice.  What resulted was Shawn doing an outstanding job figuring out who we are as a team and who would best fit our team.  She taught us how each of us has different communication styles and how knowing how to communicate with each other makes us a stronger team.  Not only did this help with communication between staff members but it also made us realize that different patients communicate differently.    I highly recommend Shawn.  It’s been great to work with her because of her deep team building experience and she is helping us achieve our goals.  Shawn continually challenges me to broaden my knowledge and leadership skills as a practice owner.  I plan on continuing my relationship with Shawn as she helps me to grow my practice into the vision that she helped my team create.  I would recommend Shawn to any organization who needs to communicate – that would be almost every business.   She will be the best thing that you ever did for your organization."

—Dr. Ann Morrissey, Hellertown Dental Group

"Shawn did an absolutely wonderful job working with our potentially difficult group of scientists and researchers (not typically the most receptive types to embrace a program for improving team conversations). The team raved about Shawn during the subsequent day of our two-day meeting - and, best of all, she appears to have permanently changed the conversations people are having"

—JT Kostman, Ph.D., AIG 

Are you ready to start the process of developing your team to the highest level? If so, call Shawn Kent Hayashi at The Professional Development Group LLC, 888-959-1188 x 88 to begin accessing our expertise in getting people to work better together.

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Client quotes

'I really appreciate this lesson'

"You provided me with such valuable information about team dynamics and emotional intelligence. I really enjoyed learning more about the physical indicators of my emotions. 

You also made me realize that I should not invest as much time and effort in things that I have no control over or people who aren't investing quite as much in me. I really appreciate this lesson — it is very relevant and meaningful to my current work environment and helps me to have a much more positive outlook. Thank you!"

—Community Development Specialist, Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank

'Your tools are powerful'

Thank you so much for speaking at the Leadership Forum. Your insight and message to the group empowered them to develop strong relationships. Your tools are powerful. We look forward to working with you again. Thank you!"

—Meeting Planner, Seamless Events

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