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Conversations for Creating Star Performers Workshop

Go Beyond the Performance Review to Inspire Excellence Every Day

Have you ever wondered, “How do I go about building stronger relationships with peers and team members so they want to collaborate with me?” 

Would you like to know how to fully engage team members so they are motivated by the work that needs to be done? Are you ready to be the kind of leader, manager or coach that people are inspired to work with? Are you looking for new ways to develop star performers?

Shawn Kent Hayashi is an expert in developing Star Performers and Teams.  She coaches successful leaders to achieve more positive, lasting changes in behavior for themselves, their teams and their staff.  In this 5-part telecourse Shawn shares the key messages from her newest book. Below is the agenda for the 5-part webinar:

Session 1

Engaging Star Performers

Are you a manager, leader or coach who would like to develop star performers or create a high performing team? Would you like to make your conversations more meaningful and inspiring?  In the first in this 5 part series we will cover chapters 1 – 3 from Conversations for Creating Star Performers:

  • How to Engage Star Performers
  • The Conversations that Make a Difference
  • Building Awareness

Session 2

Motivation, Strengths & Development Plans

As a manager, leader or coach your ability to understand what motivates the people you are working with determines how successfully you will create conversations that inspire.  Would you like to be more effective in creating professional development plans that cause employees to feel engaged and grow to the next level? In the 2nd in this 5 part series we will cover chapters 4-6 from Conversations for Creating Star Performers:

  • Identifying Motivators
  • Identifying What Your Team Members Do Well
  • Creating Development Plans

Session 3

Inspiring Others to Develop New Skills, Get Back on Track & Be Accountable

As a manager, leader or coach you often need to guide people to develop new abilities, help them get back on track when they have lost their way, and hold them accountable to achieve what is most important. In the third in this 5 part series we will cover chapters 7 – 9 from Conversations for Creating Star Performers:

  • Developing New Skills
  • Getting Back on Track
  • Accountability

Session 4

Conversations that inspire meaningful performance reviews are not one-time events!

As a manager, leader, or coach you regularly engage in conversations to give feedback, recognition and guide your team members to develop in ways that will support the long-term growth of your organization. Would you like to explore some additional ways to navigate through these conversations?  In the fourth in this 5 part series we will cover chapters 10 - 12 from Conversations for Creating Star Performers:

  • Performance Reviews
  • Recognition
  • Succession Planning

Session 5

Inspiring Excellence Every Day & Developing Skills for Success

In the conclusion of this 5 part series we will tie all the ideas together from Conversations for Creating Star Performers. You’ll learn how to use the resource guide to develop 24 vital skills for success in your team members as you inspire excellence every day!


Choosing the best tools for you


When working with executives and teams we select the best surveys and assessment tools for your needs. We have deep expertise in assessment tools - all time tested, proven, and validated including EQ Emotional Intelligence, MBTI, DISC and Values, Behavior and Motivators in the Workplace. More→

In Action:
Keynote Address

Have you noticed how powerful conversations can be? Listen to Shawn's keynote. More→

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Conversations for Creating Star Performers bookCreating Star Performers

Conversations for Creating Star Performers®, which hit Amazon Best Seller List as #2 in Running Meetings & Presentations and #4 in Communication, offers a roadmap showing how managers can leverage conversations into game-changing moments. More→

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