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Talent Mastery Coaching

Developing the knowledge, skills and talents of individual managers and leaders in your organization is vital for future growth. Our consultants have a unique Talent Mastery one-on-one coaching process to help high potential managers and leaders learn what they need to be ready to perform at the next level.

Sometimes we need a guide to show us the way, to raise our awareness and create new capabilities. Effective leaders are developed. New skills can be learned. Our consultants are experienced coaches with expertise in developing your leadership and management skills and abilities. A 360 degree feedback survey, perceptual interviews, and leadership assessments are used to create a personalized portrait of your current leadership style, competencies and blind spots. From this we create your individual development plan.  Our coaches have worked with CEOs, vice presidents, and directors in Fortune 500 as well as entrepreneurial companies.

These coaches ask the questions that need to be explored. They identify the behaviors that will create the outcomes you want to experience and will hold you accountable to creating results!

For details, email or call 888-959-1188.

Coaching Areas of Focus

  • Developing or improving communication and organizational skills
  • Building relationship skills and strong relationships with peers, team members, management and industry leaders
  • Growing emotional intelligence including self awareness, self regulation, and empathy for others
  • Learning leadership behavior
  • Achieving executive presence
  • Generating respect
  • Understanding perceptions and building self-awareness
  • Reading people better
  • Identifying and leverage one's own and others' strengths
  • Managing interpersonal conflict
  • Adding the finishing touches to be more polished in conversations and presentations
  • Reaching the next level

Professional Competencies

Research shows these are the top competencies required for Professional & Leadership Roles:

  • Personal Accountability – Accepts responsibility, avoids blaming & learns from mistakes, keeps commitments
  • Self-Management – Ability to prioritize, completes tasks responsibly, and regulates emotions
  • Goal Achievement – Overall ability to set, pursue & attain goals, known for getting things done
  • Interpersonal Skills – Interacts with others in a positive manner, demonstrates active listening and manages conflicts to a successful conclusion
  • Influencing Others –ability to personally affect others using collaboration, trust, integrity and ethics, adapts to work with various communication styles effectively

For details on our coaching packages, contact us today at 888-959-1188.

Client Quotes

'Improved Leadership Performance at Amex'

"I've worked with Shawn Kent Hayashi for the past six months. The impact she has had on my leadership prospects and my ability to project a more confident style has been astounding. Because of the 360 feedback report, leaders and peers view me in a more positive light, which has made a measurable difference in my performance. If your company gives you the ability to work with an executive coach, jump at the opportunity to work with Shawn."

— American Express Executive

'Communication Style Awareness'

"Shawn Kent Hayashi is an extraordinary coach and expert in her field. As one of her coaching clients I had the opportunity to participate in her "Talent@Work® " seminar. During this workshop Shawn empowered me to recognize the "lens" through which I view and interpret the world, while creating in me a heightened awareness and appreciation of how others view, hear, and process their experience of working with me. This insight helped me understand how to use my communication style to be a more effective leader. I highly recommend this experience to people who are ready to go to the next level."

— lindsey anderson, acute care hospital trainer at merck pharmaceutical company

'Very powerful tools!'

"Shawn worked with our internal coaches and taught us how to use assessments as the foundation for developing our high potential employees. We now have our own internal assessment center as a result. Very powerful tools!"


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