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Communication Coaching

People Reading Coaching: Increasing Effective Communication

The People Reading coaching process will open your eyes to a new way of viewing yourself and others. Discovering how to communicate more effectively will enable you to achieve the things you want, not only at work but also in life.

This coaching process will guide you to:

  • Identify your preferred communication style and your workplace motivators
  • Identify the most important communication needs in a conversation and how to meet those needs in your communication
  • Recognize and appreciate other communication styles and motivators so you do not take it personally when someone uses a different style from your own
  • Identify when and how to adapt your style for effective communication in all areas of your life

What Are Communication Styles? How do I recognize them in conversations?

Research shows that behavioral characteristics can be grouped together into four quadrants, or styles, which are referred to as the DISC Communication Styles:

  • Dominance – how we will handle problems and challenges
  • Influence  -- how we will handle selling our ideas and inspiring others
  • Steadiness – how we will handle the pace of the environment and our need for process
  • Compliance – how we will handle rules and procedures set by others

What Are Workplace Motivators? How do I recognize them in conversations?

Our motivators reveal why we do what we do.  You’ll learn the 6 workplace motivators and how they impact every relationship, team, and workplace.

In this six session coaching experience you will experience your own Communication Styles and Workplace Motivators assessments and learn the universal language that enables effective team communication.  You will also be given a framework to create your own development plan based on what you learn from this coaching experience.

Our consultants can meet in person or by Skype for the 6 coaching sessions. Let’s have a conversation to determine your goals for this experience, call 888-959-1188.

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Client quotes

'Very Impressive'

"Shawn helped me create a successful communication strategy for a complicated issue. She had very little background information yet it took her less than 15 minutes and the solution was right on target. Very impressive!"

Karen McFadyen

'I really appreciate this lesson'

"As always, you provided me with such valuable information about team dynamics and emotional intelligence. I really enjoyed learning more about the physical indicators of my emotions. 

You also made me realize that I should not invest as much time and effort in things that I have no control over or people who aren't investing quite as much in me. I really appreciate this lesson — it is very relevant and meaningful to my current work environment and helps me to have a much more positive outlook. Thank you!"

—Community Development Specialist, Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank

'Your tools are powerful'

Thank you so much for speaking at the Leadership Forum. Your insight and message to the group empowered them to develop strong relationships. Your tools are powerful. We look forward to working with you again. Thank you!"

—Meeting Planner, Seamless Events

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