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Building High Performance Teams

It takes more than a one day workshop to transform lackluster teams into star performers who know how to work well together. We've developed a multi-step process that gives you the tools and support to transform teams, improve collaboration, and increase productivity.

Whether you have a newly formed team, a merger of teams, or a team that is not performing at its highest potential, we will help you achieve these outcomes:

    • Improved communication among team members
    • Improved support for the business strategy
    • Reduced time for decision making
    • Increased creativity and innovation
    • Increased engagement 

Ready to start the process of developing your team to the highest level? If so, call Shawn Kent Hayashi at The Professional Development Group LLC, 888-959-1188 x 88 to begin accessing our expertise in getting people to work better together. One of these options can be customized to your goals:

Inner Circle Coaching

If you want high performing teams throughout your organization, you need team leaders who understand their own strengths and blind spots, who model collaboration, and who facilitate growth by growing themselves. Let us work with your leadership team to develop them individually as leaders and collectively as team members. Once the leaders in your organization have clarity and consensus around best practices for managing high performing teams, they will be in a better position to coach their direct reports. 

Team Development Consulting

Need to form a new team or establish a new culture with an existing team? Let us work with you to create job benchmarks so you know how to put the right person in the right role. Once your team is in place, we work with you to build better team relationships, to develop a positive esprit de corps, and to create a team communication playbook for working through conflict.

We'd be happy to show you sample of the positive impact we could make with your employees. Call us at 888-959-1188.


Clients Quotes

'One of the Best'

"Shawn has been working with our company over the last several months to help in selection and development of our sales force. At the recent National Sales Meeting, Shawn led a Team Building Event that was one of the best I have participated in."

Toni Senno
Director of Sales, PhotoMedex

'I've Gotten More Business!'

"The techniques you taught me have been of great help, my presentations are now much better!!!!! I’ve gotten more business since I’ve been using the ideas you shared than I ever did in one month before!"

— Sales Rep for Global Company

'Such a Good Listener'

"You are such a good listener. Thank you for the questions you ask me – I’m thinking about several things in new ways. Your creative ideas inspire me."

— VP, Coaching Client

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