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Assessment Certification Coaching

Are you responsible for talent management, leadership development, or human resources for your organization? Would you like to be a world class performance coach in your organization?  If so, you will appreciate the Talent@Work®tool kit. In this individual or group coaching process you will learn how to debrief 360 feedback surveys and Job Benchmark positions to determine the skills and abilities that are necessary for star performance in a role. You willl learn how to performance coach people to develop the most important job specific abilities. At the end of the certification program you will have a tool kit that includes:

  1. 1. Three versions of 360 feedback surveys (one version for Emotional Intelligence, one version for Leadership, and one version that can be customized to your competency model.)
  2. 2. Job Benchmarking tools to enable managers and leaders to clearly define what is expected from a role / job function.  Once this is completed you can communicate clear expectations to each person in the role.
  3. 3. Four assessments that are the foundation for individual performance coaching – Workplace Motivators, Preferred Communication Styles, Natural Talent and Emotional Intelligence – (I use these as pre and post coaching to demonstrate the impact of the coaching over a 6 or 12 month period.)
  4. 4. An Individual Job Related Professional Development Plan template that shows what an individual needs to develop in their current role. These reports are customized to the job and the person in the job so that the specific skills that are most important in the role are the focus of development coaching.
  5. 5. Conversations for Creating Star Performers – the book that ties all the coaching discussions together and frames the 10 types of conversations that are needed to be effective managers and leaders. You'll also receive two additional books that will be useful reference tools when coaching. 

To discover how you can benefit from this coaching experience contact Shawn Kent Hayashi today.


Choosing the best tools for you


When working with executives and teams we select the best surveys and assessment tools for your needs. We have deep expertise in assessment tools - all time tested, proven, and validated including EQ Emotional Intelligence, MBTI, DISC and Values, Behavior and Motivators in the Workplace. More→

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