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Apr 14, 2017

In her latest article on, Shawn Kent Hayashi shares how to create a culture of... More→

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'Best for My Career Development'

"Shawn has coached me for professional development since 2012. I found her knowledge, experience and skills to be superb. I have had opportunities to be trained and coached by many professional service, but I would rate Shawn the best for my career development."

Amy Sun, MD, PhD, FACP

Client quote

'Powerful Combination'

"Shawn led a high performance team workshop for us at eBay Fashion, which was effective and inspiring. Through a range of exercises on behaviors and motivators, Shawn helped us to (a) better understand ourselves and (b) identify ways to better communicate and work with others — a powerful combination for any team."

Linda Lu
Senior Product Marketing Manager, eBay

Coaching & 360 Feedback

What We Do: Serve as a coach and guide to help leaders, managers and coaches to grow, to achieve new results, and to develop high performing teams.  A big part of your job is developing team members—engaging, inspiring and motivating people. Who is coaching you to the next level in your growth? Are you ready to structure strategic discussions about producing results, accountability, managing strengths and weaknesses and harnessing the right motivators? If you want a team of star performers, let’s create a roadmap to help advance their talents. We’ll show you how to make every conversation count.  

The average ROI for organizations that utilize coaching for staff and executives is at least 7x the initial investment, according to a recent global survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers. Developing your repertoire of leadership and management capabilities, defining and achieving organizational goals during growth and change are just some of the areas in which we help you and your organization excel. 

Who We Work With: Leaders, managers, and coaches who want to grow to the next level of performance and success to become more effective as leaders. We've worked extensively with pharmaceutical, financial, travel, entertainment, services, and technology companies of all sizes. 

Individual and Team Coaching Services We Offer:

A 360 Perceptual Interview includes the key stakeholders to your success: customers, managers, peers, team members, and staff. Do you know what they think your strengths are?  Are they covering your blind spots? Are you collaborating in a way that keeps them engaged and aligned with your vision?  A 360 Perceptual Interview report will give you current answers that can shape the focus of our coaching and enable a job specific development plan to be custom created for you. This can be a stand alone service or the beginning point for one of our additional coaching processes:

Talent Mastery Coaching

Talent Mastery

Developing the knowledge, skills and talents of individual leaders in your organization is vital for future growth. We have a unique Talent Mastery one-on-one coaching process to help high potential managers and leaders learn what they need to be ready to perform at the next level. You'll grow your business when you develop your people! More→


Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Emotional Intelligence

In Emotional Intelligence Coaching, the coach guides the client through identifying the competencies of emotional intelligence (self awareness, self regulation, motivator, empathy, social skills) enabling the client to raise his or her emotional intelligence quotient. Our coaches have deep expertise in the competencies and experience in developing EQ in others. This coaching may include a verbal 360 with up to 8 people and an electronic 360 with up to 100 people. More→


Building High Performance Teams Coaching

High Performance

When you want to develop collaboration on a team, we can help. We show teams how to understand each person's preferred communication style. We will show your team members how they can play to each other's strengths and understand each other's motivators and natural talents. When teams are merging together, or you have a newly formed team, or team members who are not performing well together we get positive results. More→


Communication Coaching

Communication Coaching

The People Reading coaching process will open your eyes to a new way of viewing yourself and others. Discovering how to communicate more effectively will enable you to achieve the things you want, not only at work but also in life. More→



Assessment Certification Coaching

Assessment Certification

Are you responsible for talent management, leadership development, or human resources for your organization? Would you like to be a world class performance coach in your organization?  If so you will appreciate the Talent@Work®tool kit. In this individual or group coaching process you will learn how to debrief 360 feedback surveys and Job Benchmark positions to determine the skills and abilities that are necessary for star performance in a role. You will learn how to performance coach people to develop the most important job specific abilities. At the end of the certification program you will have a tool kit that includes  More→


Star Performance Coaching

Star Performance

Sometimes the smartest thing to do is to get help when you need it. If you’re not achieving what you want to achieve in your career, if you have been passed over for promotions or you don’t have a clear idea of what it takes to get to the next level, then you won’t want to pass on this opportunity.  More→


Leadership: Futuristic Thinking

Shawn Kent Hayashi talks about the skill of futuristic thinking and how leaders need to sharpen their ability to predict changes long before their competitors.


Choosing the best tools for you


When working with executives and teams we select the best surveys and assessment tools for your needs. We have deep expertise in assessment tools - all time tested, proven, and validated including EQ Emotional Intelligence, DISC and Values, Behavior and Motivators in the Workplace. More→

Learning Center

Conversations That Get Results and Inspire Collaboration bookAchieve All Your Business Goals Using the Art of Collaboration

Conversations That Get Results and Inspire Collaboration, soon to be released by early April, Shawn Kent Hayashi answers the questions she is most frequently asked during coaching and training sessions. More→

Conversations for Creating Star Performers bookCreating Star Performers

In Conversations for Creating Star Performers®, which hit Amazon Best Seller List as #2 in Running Meetings & Presentations and #4 in Communication, offers a roadmap showing how managers can leverage conversations into game-changing moments. More→

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