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Date: Sep 6, 2016
Category: Communication Tips 

Recently, a coaching client wanted to challenge herself to become a better communicator in meetings as well as in conversations. As a result, I devised the "Authentic Communication Checklist" to help her with this goal.


Date: Aug 23, 2016
Category: Management 

At Victaulic, a manufacturing and engineering company with 3,600 employees across the globe, collaboration is the key to creating a culture of innovation.


Date: Aug 2, 2016
Category: Communication Tips 

One of my early mentors had a directive: "Always look for ways you can plus the experience." To do this, ask yourself the question: "What could I do now that would make this experience even better, more fun for me and others?"


Date: Aug 1, 2016
Category: Management 

"I'm in a meeting -- sitting on pins and needles -- because there's incredible tension in the room," recalls Adrienne Riggs, VP of Operations at Franklin Farms East.


Date: Jun 7, 2016
Category: Workplace Motivators / Values 

Kristy Tan Neckowicz's View From the Top: When was the last time you felt inspired in your work? There's a correlation between having a clear mission and being inspired.


Date: May 10, 2016
Category: Communication Styles DISC Management Workplace Motivators / Values 

I am thankful when clients share their successes with me. Shannon recently emailed to describe her epiphany on using assessments to do a better job of leading her team:


Date: Apr 12, 2016
Category: Emotional Intelliegence 

Have you ever observed someone who struggled with speaking up to the boss?


Date: Mar 1, 2016
Category: Communication Styles DISC Conversations for Change Management 

How do you help people who have "always done it this way" accept new ideas for doing things better?


Date: Jan 12, 2016
Category: Emotional Intelliegence 

Fear is a powerful ally when it keeps us safe from potentially harmful situations--like driving too fast or walking alone at night in a dangerous area.

Fear is NOT our ally when it prevents us from embracing opportunities for growth.


Date: Dec 9, 2015
Category: Communication Styles DISC People Reading — What is Their Style? Workplace Motivators / Values 

Kristy Tan Neckowicz's View From the Top: Have you ever wondered, "How do I get my boss to listen to me?"

It's a question that comes up frequently in coaching sessions. In one particular session, Sarah, a manager of a growing team of analysts, was asking the question.


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