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Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Master Your Thinking & Feeling to Develop Emotional Intelligence

Shawn Kent Hayshi’s 90-Day Program will guide you through building the competencies of emotional intelligence including: self awareness, self regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills.  Shawn Kent Hayashi is a certified EQ coach and has deep expertise in the competencies and experience in developing EQ in both individuals and teams.


You will develop your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to be more effective in communicating, building relationships that work, and able to identify the triggers that create your success.

How it works

We begin with you completing an on-line EQi 360 survey in which you may ask up to 100 participants to give you feedback.  From this feedback we gain clarity about how other people perceive your emotional intelligence and then we create a customized development plan that focuses on YOU!

We focus on building your ability, know-how, and confidence so you are able to Master Your Thinking & Feeling. 

You will learn how to have High Emotional Intelligence including modules focused on:

  • The Emotions Scale – 7 chemically identifiable states in the human body. What triggers you to feel each emotion?
  • Emotion precedes thought – chickens and eggs - be aware of your thoughts and feelings
  • The Emotions Scale – what are the symptoms in you of each emotion? I'll show you how to use each emotion wisely.
  • Your unique Emotions Map will become clear to you. You will also experience the gift of knowing the wiring in your brain is different from others!  
  • What are you feeling now?  The first step is Being Aware – Your Emotions Dictionary and Map as a guide to your actions.
  • Self-Regulation -- what it means & how to do it – Are you focused on what you want to create?
  • When have you done a great job of self-regulating? What could you do next time? Being resilient and staying focused on what you are committed to – guide your thinking every day by having your commitments and goals written out so you can review them.  Is what you are thinking about and feeling taking you closer to what you want to create?
  • How to process yourself through your feelings  -- you cannot raise your EQ by reading a book – what enables you to grow your EQ is processing yourself through your emotions as they arise – let's practice!
  • Motivation – are you passionate about what you are doing?
  • Empathy -- are you noticing what other’s are likely feeling and speaking that into the conversation?
  • Social Skills – are you able to help others in processing through their emotions and moving a group forward?
  • Your Emotions Wake –It takes 5 positive experiences to dilute one negative experience.
  • EQ Implications in Managing & Leading -- The conventional definition of management is “getting work done through people.” When emotional intelligence is high, management is developing people through work!  Who would knowingly create a dispirited team?  No one!  So why does it happen?
  • Our Deepest Fears are Behind our Masks being ignored or not listened to – stopping these patterns in our relationships -- Until the other feels heard, you have not really been listening.
  • Do we have a habitual way of being that is invisible to us, that is keeping us unaware of EQ? Your Emotions Set point -- It is very hard to lift other’s spirits if you cannot lift your own.
  • When People Lead with High Emotional Intelligence Amazing Things Happen! As a manager, do you self regulate so that when you are meeting with your staff you are coming from the highest level of emotions you have access to?
  • Tying it all together – YOU Master Your Thinking and Feeling in the moment to move you forward towards your goals
  • Reality is we are always feeling something!

This 90-day experience will be custom designed to your learning style – we may meet by Skype, phone conversations, and / or in person.

Shawn Kent Hayashi can be your accountability partner to guide you each step of the way to build your emotional intelligence and stronger relationships in every area of your life.

During your conversations with Shawn she will guide you to learn new ways of thinking and speaking. As an example, this video below gives you clarity about the impact of the stories we tell and our emotional wake on others:


To enroll call 888-959-1188.

Clients Quotes

'I've Gotten More Business!'

"The techniques you taught me have been of great help, my presentations are now much better!!!!! I’ve gotten more business since I’ve been using the ideas you shared than I ever did in one month before!"

— Sales Rep for Global Company

'Such a Good Listener'

"You are such a good listener. Thank you for the questions you ask me – I’m thinking about several things in new ways. Your creative ideas inspire me."

— VP, Coaching Client

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