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Leaders, managers and coaches who want to be and develop Star Performers choose to work with Shawn Kent Hayashi and the Your Talent@Work team. When you are ready to create high potential performers and high performing teams, engage employees, and grow future leaders, we'll reveal the best ways to meet your goals.

Our clients say our coaching, presentations and workshops help them to gain clarity, confidence, define expectations, create meaningful conversations that lead to more fulfilling relationships, increase emotional intelligence, develop more productive teams, increase collaboration, and generate valuable new ideas.

Our consultants will assist you in defining your objectives to ensure a positive and profitable outcome.

Our Coaching Philosophy

  • People will support and engage in what they build. Keys to coaching success include: identifying the types of coaching a client seeks, collaboration around goals and clarity of expected outcomes.
  • Everyone has strengths and blind spots. Many people have not realized the impact of their strengths and blind spots on their team members and peers. Coaching can raise awareness.
  • People can change habits and behaviors if they are willing to focus and do the work.
  • Most people are not aware of how others perceive them. A verbal and / or electronic 360 creates self-awareness.
  • The coaching relationship needs to be confidential and safe for the client to be able to grow.

We Adapt to Your Style

You have coaching style preferences – that is how you like to be coached. We will adapt to the coaching preferences that work best for your learning style. There are 3 areas we will explore related to your learning style preferences:

  • Do you prefer more directive assignments OR non-directive reflective listening (sounding board)?
  • Do you prefer a process with clear steps in the program OR circumstantial based on what is happening currently?
  • Do you prefer we focus only on a specific area and skill set OR look at your whole career and life?

Client quotes

'I now love the work I am doing!

“Your coaching gave me the ability to see my own strengths and blind spots, to communicate more clearly with all my team members, and to step up and lead more directly. For the first time in many years, I now love the work I am doing.”

—Director of Operations

'Feeling really empowered!

"Shawn is an excellent coach! She had me complete a Communication Styles and Workplace Motivators survey. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical but when Shawn explained the results to me I was shocked by how accurately I felt like they reflected me. I have followed Shawn’s advice and I am feeling really empowered and optimistic about how everything is going. I am really grateful for her expert advice.”

—Industry Analyst

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