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The Professional Development Group guides
organizations to develop high performing
teams and inspiring leaders.


We do this by facilitating High Performing Team Retreats where we reveal the DNA of the
culture and identify the strategy and vision for building a high performance culture. 

Through our Organizational Alignment process, we create Key Accountabilities
for each role so it is clear what is expected of each person, and what it will mean
to be a star performer. We ensure that team members understand each role.
This enables a group to become high performing together, focused on the same outcomes.

Then, we support the leader in developing staff, skill-building, and staying focused
on growth through our Talent Mastery Coaching process.  When needed, we also oversee
Hiring the Right Team Member for new or open roles.

Through presentations, workshops, and customized learning experiences,
we coach leaders and aspiring leaders to be effective communicators, engaging presenters,
and to inspire superior performance - in themselves and their teams.

Our customers are business leaders who are committed to growing their business with people.
We've worked with leaders and teams from these companies.


What Our Clients are Saying:

'clarity of roles and responsibilities'

"The Organization Development Audit enabled us to identify areas of staff overlap, as well as gaps in service delivery. In addressing these needs, we have brought clarity to our specific staff roles and responsibilities. I am very proud of the high performing team that we have created."

—Duncan Campbell, President and CEO, Pennsylvania Bankers Association

'communication playbook so valuable'

"The Team Communication Playbook we received during our high performing team retreat is so valuable that we update it every time we add someone to our team."

—William E. Flederbach, Jr., President & CEO, ClimeCo Corporation

'a coach who will inspire'

"If you are looking for a coach who will inspire and guide you to reach your goals, I highly recommend Shawn Kent Hayashi. She also helped me develop my own leadership style, align and inspire teams, and use emotional intelligence in leading teams."

—David Rees, Principal, Health Strategies Group

'Added Significance'

"Shawn Kent Hayashi's thought leadership in professional development has added significantly to the Lehigh MBA program."

—Andrew Ward, PhD, Associate Dean, College of Business & Economics Lehigh University

'A More Effective Team Leader'

"The High Performing Team Retreat engaged our team and guided me in how to be a more effective team leader."

—Phillip Baltz, CEO, Baltz & Company

'Thank You for Such Great Tools'

"We wouldn't hire someone without using these assessments to ensure the candidate will fit the role and the culture of our organization. Thank you for such great tools."

—James S. Molinaro, President/CEO, LifeLine Sciences LLC

'excellent business coach'

"Shawn Kent Hayashi is an excellent business coach. I trust her wisdom."

—Jeremy Riggs, Vice President of Sales, Franklin Farms East, Inc.

Our Services

High Performing Team Retreats

Whether you have a newly formed team, a merger of teams or a seasoned team, this retreat will provide clarity about roles and goals, improve support for business strategy, increase engagement and productivity, and reduce conflict. More about Retreats

Organizational Alignment

We help companies revamp their organizational structures to ensure that the right people are in the right roles, and that every role has a direct impact on the overall business strategy. When we have completed this work, the organization has clarity around succession planning, hiring, and professional development. More about Assessments


Hiring the Right Team Member

We will oversee the hiring process for a specific role. Imagine your search process for the next VP has narrowed to 3 viable candidates. Which one is the best fit for the role and for your company culture? Which one will work well with the CEO and which one will frustrate your team? With our data-driven job benchmarking and hiring process, we provide answers to these questions and help you make the best hiring decisions for your unique culture. More about Assessments

Executive Coaching

If you need someone to guide you to the next level of performance and success, do what the professional athletes do: hire a coach and hone the skills that will get you there. More about Executive Coaching


Custom-Designed Workshops

Expand the building blocks of collaboration beyond the executive team. We offer 1-day, 2-day and 3-day workshops on a range of topics to meet your specific needs. More about Workshops

Talent@Work Assessment Center Training

We will show you the power of assessments for hiring and managing teams, and then we will teach you how to manage your own assessment center. We will provide the tools to prepare you for two certification exams (Communication Styles and Workplace Motivators), and set up a customized assessment center for your organization, which includes access to 360 feedback and other assessment tools for your business. More about Consulting


Mentoring Programs

Need help in setting up a mentoring program within your organization? We specialize in matching mentors with mentees and offer expert guidance in preparing mentors for nurturing future leaders.

Keynote Speaker

We can provide an inspiring keynote speaker who will engage the audiences of a professional association meeting or corporate event. Our recent presentation on “The Future of Talent at Work” identifies trends, necessary skills, and strategies for adapting to the workplace of the future. More about Speaking


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